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WEEE Recycling and WEEE Disposal in London

Professional WEEE Recycling and Disposal in London

Welcome to our WEEE disposal service in London! If you’re looking for a reliable collection service to get rid of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), you’ve come to the right place. Our professional team offers WEEE collection and disposal services throughout London, making it easy for you to responsibly dispose of your unwanted electricals.

We prioritise the reuse and recycling of electronic waste, ensuring that it is handled by environmental regulations. Contact us today to use our efficient and eco-friendly electronic waste disposal services.

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    WEEE Items and Electrical Waste We Collect

    No matter the type of unwanted furniture you have, our service is here to make the process easy and stress-free.

    We are ready to dispose of all WEEE and waste electrical equipment across London. We do not only dispose of WEEE but also offer recycling and data destruction protection. Here below are some of the electronic and electrical items included in our disposal service: 

    Fridges – End of Life Equipment – Laptops and Mobile Phones – Electrical Goods – Air Conditioning units – Computer Equipment – Household Appliances – Freezer – Electrical Appliances 

    Why Choose Our WEEE Collection and Recycling

    Expert Waste Clearance Team

    Same-day London WEEE Recycling

    We Safely Dispose Of WEEE

    Eco-friendly Approach to Eliminate Landfill Waste

    We Comply With WEEE Regulations For Waste Disposal in London

    Our disposal London service ensures strict compliance with WEEE regulations for the responsible handling of electrical and electronic equipment. We prioritise safe disposal and recycling, avoiding landfills and properly managing hazardous substances that are found in waste like lead, mercury, and cadmium found in electronic waste. By choosing our professional waste collection, you can have peace of mind knowing your waste is handled by WEEE legislation and the WEEE directive. Contact us today for compliant and environmentally friendly electrical waste disposal in London.

    WEEE Recycling London

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    Mark LaceyMark Lacey
    13:27 02 Sep 22
    Complete clearance of a flat that was in a totally horrible state!Came the next day after providing an estimate. Really friendly; worked really very hard in a very difficult environment. Totally straight and great value. Went over and above and were a credit to their business.
    Cassio CaceresCassio Caceres
    23:30 23 Jul 22
    Great guys, polite in communication and did the work efficiently. I will use them again.
    Benita KesselBenita Kessel
    16:30 27 Jun 22
    These guys were brilliant. Hassle free, reliable, friendly and super helpful. Will defo use again in a few weeks
    Sue BrownSue Brown
    08:04 17 Jun 22
    Very good service and so easy to use. I texted a picture of what i needed removing in the morning and Ecowaste came in the afternoon, cleared it and sent photograph of proof then sent an invoice a few days later. Communication via text was very good, polite and professional. I only didn't give five stars as they were later than i had originally been told but to be fair i was told this was down to traffic. I would definitely recommend this service.
    Hiromi FrateantonioHiromi Frateantonio
    14:31 17 May 22
    OLD PIANO DISPOSAL: It was very hard to find the right company to dispose old piano as it is very heavy. But, I am so glad that I found this company. Their service was efficient, super speedy, and friendly. I will recommend them to anyone who like to remove bulky items quickly. I will definitely use their service again. Thank you guys!!

    Get in Touch For Our WEEE Disposal and WEEE Recycling Services

    Are you a business in London seeking reliable waste management and disposal of WEEE? EWC is here to help. Our team specialises in handling the proper disposal of waste electronic and electrical equipment throughout the city.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact our team today to ensure the responsible management of your electronic waste. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and addressing your specific needs.

    WEEE Disposal London


    Yes, fridges and freezers are part of our regular collections. 

    The WEEE Recycling Governmental Regulations in London are designed to ensure the proper disposal of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE). Compliance with these regulations is crucial to avoid penalties and minimise negative environmental impacts, such as pollution from landfills. At our London service, we prioritise the safe disposal of WEEE and strictly adhere to the relevant governmental regulations and laws. By following these guidelines, we ensure that WEEE is recycled and disposed of responsibly, contributing to environmental sustainability.

    If you have unwanted WEEE, several organisations in London accept donations. The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, and Age UK are some examples of charities that may accept unwanted electronic items. Donating them to these organisations allows for potential reuse or refurbishment, benefiting others while reducing electronic waste. Remember to check the specific donation requirements and guidelines of each organisation.

    In London, there are convenient options for recycling electronic waste or WEEE. WEEE recycling banks, which are mini recycling centers located in various London Boroughs, accept small handheld electrical items such as tools, hairdryers, kettles, laptops, and mobile phones. For more info, refer to our blog about WEEE recycling in London