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Reliable Furniture Removal in London

About Our Furniture Disposal Service

Our furniture disposal service in London helps you effortlessly get rid of your old unwanted furniture.

Our experienced removal team specialises in heavy lifting and will handle all the hassle of disposing of your unwanted items.

Whether it’s a single piece of furniture or an entire set, we can handle the clearance of different furniture with ease. No need to stress about heavy furniture or bulky items – we’ll take care of it all. Get rid of unwanted furniture with our reliable furniture collection service in London.

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    Types of Furniture We Can Collect & Dispose

    No matter the type of unwanted furniture you have, our service is here to make the process easy and stress-free.

    Garden Furniture

    From worn-out patio chairs to rusty dining tables, we’ll take care of removing all your unwanted garden furniture, helping you reclaim your outdoor space.

    Coffee Tables

    Whether it’s a scratched surface or a style that no longer fits your decor, we specialise in removing coffee tables, making way for a fresh and updated look in your living room.

    Old Sofa Removal

    Our sofa removal service covers all types of sofas, ensuring a hassle-free process and giving you the opportunity to upgrade to a new and comfortable seating option.

    Office Furniture Removal 

    If you’re renovating or relocating your office, we’re here to assist. We’ll efficiently remove old desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and any other unwanted office furniture, clearing the way for a productive workspace.

    Sofa Bed

    Need to get rid of an old sofa bed? Our removal team is experienced in handling these bulky items, ensuring they’re taken away safely and responsibly.

    White Goods

    We remove old fridges and broken washing machines, making room for new, energy-saving appliances.

    Old Mattress

    We’ll handle the heavy lifting and disposal, giving you the chance to upgrade to a new, restful sleep experience.

    How Our Furniture Removal Works

    1- Make An Enquiry

    When it comes to finding a reliable furniture removal team to help you declutter your space, get in touch with our friendly customer service team.
    They are always ready to have a chat about your specific requirements, availability, and budget. We'll then provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, ensuring transparency and clarity from the start.

    2. Book an appointment

    Once you're satisfied with our competitive offer, we'll swiftly arrange an appointment that suits your schedule. Whether you need same-day service or prefer to plan in advance, we're here to accommodate your needs.

    3. Collection day

    On the assigned day, our dedicated team will arrive at your property fully equipped and prepared to handle the safe removal of your old furniture. We prioritise caution and take care to avoid any damage during the process. Once we've efficiently loaded our vehicles, we'll responsibly dispose of the waste, keeping the environment in mind. You'll receive a waste transfer note, giving you peace of mind that everything is being handled responsibly

    Why Choose Our Furniture Removal Service

    Affordable Furniture Disposal

    Same-day Furniture Collection and Disposal Service

    Eco-friendly Approach

    Fully Licensed & Insured

    We Help You Donate Your Unwanted Furniture

    By choosing our furniture clearance service and waste removal, you not only rid yourself of unwanted furniture but also contribute to a greater cause. We donate your old furniture to local centers and charities in Greater London to prioritise sustainability and community impact.

    Our careful planning ensures that the removal process protects both your property and the condition of the furniture, making it easily refurbished to a good condition for reuse and donation. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furniture is in good condition and will find a new home and be given a chance for a second life. Join us in making a positive difference by choosing to donate your furniture from your property.

    Furniture Removal in London

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    Mark LaceyMark Lacey
    13:27 02 Sep 22
    Complete clearance of a flat that was in a totally horrible state!Came the next day after providing an estimate. Really friendly; worked really very hard in a very difficult environment. Totally straight and great value. Went over and above and were a credit to their business.
    Cassio CaceresCassio Caceres
    23:30 23 Jul 22
    Great guys, polite in communication and did the work efficiently. I will use them again.
    Benita KesselBenita Kessel
    16:30 27 Jun 22
    These guys were brilliant. Hassle free, reliable, friendly and super helpful. Will defo use again in a few weeks
    Sue BrownSue Brown
    08:04 17 Jun 22
    Very good service and so easy to use. I texted a picture of what i needed removing in the morning and Ecowaste came in the afternoon, cleared it and sent photograph of proof then sent an invoice a few days later. Communication via text was very good, polite and professional. I only didn't give five stars as they were later than i had originally been told but to be fair i was told this was down to traffic. I would definitely recommend this service.
    Hiromi FrateantonioHiromi Frateantonio
    14:31 17 May 22
    OLD PIANO DISPOSAL: It was very hard to find the right company to dispose old piano as it is very heavy. But, I am so glad that I found this company. Their service was efficient, super speedy, and friendly. I will recommend them to anyone who like to remove bulky items quickly. I will definitely use their service again. Thank you guys!!

    Book Our Old Furniture Collection Service

    Get rid of your unwanted furniture quickly now by benefiting from our same-day service option when hiring our waste removal company. We offer a range of different furniture collections and we can accommodate any type of disposal project you have in mind. Please feel free to contact the EWC team today and we will provide you with a free quotation on your furniture disposal in London. 

    Furniture Disposal London


    Never, our professional team has the expertise needed to handle all the heavy lifting as long as dismantling any objects that do not fit through the doors while maintaining their good condition. 

    There are multiple charities that accept old furniture across London here is a list of some of them: 


    Sue Ryder


    Salvation Army Donation Centre

    If you’re considering disposing of unwanted furniture on your own, one common approach is to take it to your local recycling centre for quick disposal. However, it’s important to note that local recycling centres may have limitations. They often reject vans and commercial waste, may not be conveniently located, and operate with varying opening hours, requiring careful planning. Moreover, you’ll need to arrange transportation yourself, which can be challenging.

    For a faster and more efficient solution, it’s often beneficial to hire a professional furniture removal company like ours. We offer comprehensive services, including clearance, collection, and disposal of waste in a professional manner that aligns with your preferences and convenience as well as governmental waste collection guidelines.

    Yes, many local councils offer “bulky waste collection” services specifically for unwanted furniture. However, it’s important to note that these services often come with a fee. Additionally, there may be limitations on the number of large items they will collect at once, typically up to a maximum of five items. It is recommended to check with your local council to determine if they provide this service and inquire about any associated costs. You can utilise this tool to help you find this information.

    Unlike charitable organisations, we do accept sofas without fire labels. As we are not obligated to resell the furniture, we have the flexibility to recycle it through various methods. This makes us the ideal choice for disposing of old furniture that you no longer want but can not donate to a charity shop. In cases where recycling is not feasible, our waste management experts will deconstruct the furniture and recycle the materials at our facilities.

    Leaving your sofa or any other furniture on the street is illegal and for valid reasons. Dumping furniture and waste on the street can attract pests, create safety hazards, and cause local disturbances. It is only permissible to leave your old furniture outside if you have made proper arrangements for a formal collection, such as through the local council, and can provide evidence of this arrangement. Local councils typically require the furniture to be clearly and visibly placed outside your property. In the UK, fly-tipping is considered a serious criminal offense, and those found guilty can face imprisonment or substantial fines.

    To avoid legal consequences and ensure proper disposal, we recommend contacting our professional team. We are equipped to provide swift and effective sofa removal services on your behalf.