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We offer a professional bulky waste collection service in London. If you have large items, furniture, garden waste, or any unwanted household items that you need to dispose of, we are here to help. Our team is equipped to collect and remove bulky waste items from your property, whether it’s a single item or multiple items that are taking up valuable space. We understand that managing the removal of large and heavy objects can be a daunting task, which is why we offer a better option than skip hire.

With pride in our efficient and customer-friendly service, we ensure the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of your junk. Whether you’re undergoing a renovation or simply want to clear out some old furniture, we manage the risk and ensure that even hazardous or toxic materials are handled with care. Our accessible and professional team will provide you with a stress-free experience, accepting any items you need to dispose of. So, if you’re looking for

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    Why Choose Our Bulky Waste Removal in London

    Eco-friendly Bulky Junk Removal in London

    At our eco-friendly bulky waste collection service in London, we prioritise responsible disposal practices. We understand the importance of recycling and minimising the environmental impact of waste. When you choose our service to dispose of your bulky waste, whether it’s from a DIY project or a general clear-out, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will handle it in an eco-friendly manner.

    We make every effort to recycle as much of the waste as possible, diverting it from landfills. Our team is well-versed in the proper sorting and disposal of different types of rubbish, ensuring that recyclable materials are taken to the designated recycling centers in London. By choosing us for your bulky waste clearance needs, you not only contribute to keeping the city clean and free from unnecessary waste but also support a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to waste management.

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    Mark LaceyMark Lacey
    13:27 02 Sep 22
    Complete clearance of a flat that was in a totally horrible state!Came the next day after providing an estimate. Really friendly; worked really very hard in a very difficult environment. Totally straight and great value. Went over and above and were a credit to their business.
    Cassio CaceresCassio Caceres
    23:30 23 Jul 22
    Great guys, polite in communication and did the work efficiently. I will use them again.
    Benita KesselBenita Kessel
    16:30 27 Jun 22
    These guys were brilliant. Hassle free, reliable, friendly and super helpful. Will defo use again in a few weeks
    Sue BrownSue Brown
    08:04 17 Jun 22
    Very good service and so easy to use. I texted a picture of what i needed removing in the morning and Ecowaste came in the afternoon, cleared it and sent photograph of proof then sent an invoice a few days later. Communication via text was very good, polite and professional. I only didn't give five stars as they were later than i had originally been told but to be fair i was told this was down to traffic. I would definitely recommend this service.
    Hiromi FrateantonioHiromi Frateantonio
    14:31 17 May 22
    OLD PIANO DISPOSAL: It was very hard to find the right company to dispose old piano as it is very heavy. But, I am so glad that I found this company. Their service was efficient, super speedy, and friendly. I will recommend them to anyone who like to remove bulky items quickly. I will definitely use their service again. Thank you guys!!

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    • If you’re looking to dispose of furniture in London, a common option is to personally take it to your local recycling centre. However, it’s important to note that if you don’t have a vehicle large enough to transport the furniture, you may need to consider hiring a van, which can incur additional costs.
    • To ensure proper waste disposal in London, you have several options available. Firstly, you can take your waste to the nearest recycling centre or “tip.” It’s advisable to check your council’s website for information on locating the appropriate recycling centre. Alternatively, you can also choose to utilise a permitted private waste site or enlist the services of a registered private business that offers waste collection, such as a skip company or a household clearance service.
    • In the UK, bulky waste refers to domestic waste that is too large to be accommodated in your regular bin collection. Some items might include large household items, household waste, and large electrical appliances like washing machines and white goods. Certain items of bulky waste, such as functional appliances or furniture in good condition, can be donated to charity shops for resale or to assist individuals with limited income. Some of these organisations may even provide free collection services for such items.
    • Leaving old furniture on the street can be considered fly-tipping, which is an illegal act. Engaging in fly-tipping may result in receiving a fine. It’s important to note that fines for fly-tipping can vary across different boroughs in London, as there is no standardised policy in place throughout the city.
    • Yes, the council can collect bulky items, but for a more hassle-free option consider hiring a professional waste carrier like us. 
    • Yes, we dispose of bulky items including fridges and white goods. 
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