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Tower Hamlets Council Bulky Waste Collection

Getting rid of bulky waste can be a daunting task, especially in highly populated areas like Tower Hamlets. However, with the right information and resources, it can be easily managed. In this blog post, we’ll explore different methods of disposing of bulky waste in Tower Hamlets, including the Reuse and Recycling Centre, bulky waste collections, and rubbish and recycling collections.

Reuse and Recycling Centre:

The Reuse and Recycling Centre is a great resource for residents of Tower Hamlets to dispose of their bulky waste in an environmentally responsible way. The centre accepts a wide range of materials, including furniture, electrical appliances, garden waste, and more. However, it’s important to note that they do not accept items such as asbestos, plasterboard, or trade waste.

To access the centre, residents can take Baffin Way and then Blackwall Way to Yabsley Street. Pedestrians who can walk to the centre are also able to use the site. Before visiting, make sure to check which materials the centre is accepting and ensure that no one in your household is suspected to have COVID-19.

Things to keep in mind 

  • The Tower Hamlets Reuse and Recycling Centre accepts a wide range of items for recycling and disposal, including aerosols, batteries, bikes, clothes, electrical appliances, garden waste, plastics, and more.
  • The centre is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and on weekends and bank holidays from 9 am to 6 pm or 4.30 pm.
  • It is located at Yabsley Street in London.
  • The centre is only available for Tower Hamlets residents and prohibits trade and commercial waste, with restrictions on vehicle types and load sizes.
  • Visitors must present proof of identity and address and are expected to separate their waste for recycling.
  • The site supervisors may inspect vehicle loads for conformity and prohibit disposal of non-household waste, such as plasterboard, asbestos, and liquids.

Bulky Waste Collections:

The Tower Hamlets Council offers two free bulky waste collections per year for household waste from your own property only. This service is available to residents living in the property at the time of booking and collection. Up to five items can be taken away per collection.

Before requesting a collection, it’s important to check what items the council will accept and read the terms and conditions. If you need to cancel your request, you must give the council 24 hours’ notice. You can also arrange for additional collections at your own cost through an alternative licensed waste carrier.

Preparing bulky waste for collection is also important. All items should be outside your home and at ground floor level for collection, visible and accessible by the crew, neatly and safely stacked, and ready for collection by 7 am on the collection date. The council is unable to enter properties to carry out the collection.

Rubbish and Recycling Collections:

Rubbish and recycling collections are another option for getting rid of bulky waste in Tower Hamlets. The council offers a weekly rubbish collection service, where residents can dispose of items that can’t be recycled, such as mattresses, furniture, and carpets. However, there are restrictions on the number of items that can be placed out for collection, and they must be placed at the boundary of your property at ground level.

Hiring A Professional Rubbish Removal Company 

If you find the process of disposing of bulky waste overwhelming or time-consuming, hiring a professional rubbish removal company can be a great option. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional rubbish removal company:

Expertise: Rubbish removal companies have the expertise and equipment to safely and efficiently dispose of different types of waste.

Compliance: Professional rubbish removal companies are licensed and regulated, ensuring that they comply with all necessary regulations for waste disposal.

Environmentally Friendly: Rubbish removal companies prioritise environmentally friendly disposal methods, including recycling and reusing materials where possible.

Hassle-free: By hiring a rubbish removal company, you can avoid the daunting task of renting a vehicle on your own, and disposing of the rubbish at the local dump yourself.

In conclusion, there are several ways to dispose of bulky waste in Tower Hamlets. The Reuse and Recycling Centre is an excellent resource for disposing of a wide range of materials, while bulky waste collections and rubbish and recycling collections are other options for getting rid of bulky waste. It’s important to follow the guidelines when using these services to ensure a smooth and efficient process. By following these steps, residents of Tower Hamlets can easily dispose of their bulky waste in an environmentally responsible way.