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Loft Clearance Prices in London 2024

How much does loft clearance cost in London?

Loft clearance prices in London during 2024 can vary quite a bit, but on average, you’re looking at around £200 to £600. That’s a rough estimate and can change based on a few things.

What influences the cost of loft clearance?

Size of your loft

The bigger it is, the more it usually costs because there’s more stuff to clear out.

Amount of clutter

If your loft is packed full, expect to pay more since it’ll take longer to clear.


Prices might differ depending on where you are in London. Some areas might have parking restrictions or be harder to reach, affecting the price.

Extra Costs you might encounter

Disposal fees

Sometimes, there’s an extra charge for getting rid of your stuff at recycling centers or dumps.

Hourly rates

If it’s a tricky job or takes longer than expected, you might be charged hourly.

Special equipment

If they need to use special gear like scaffolding, that could add to the cost too.

Is loft clearance cheaper than skip hire?

While hiring a skip might seem cheaper upfront, remember there are other costs like permits and labor. With a professional loft clearance service, you get all the costs upfront.

How to pick the right loft clearance company?

Check for transparency

Make sure they’re clear about their pricing and give you a breakdown.

Look at reviews

See what other people say about them. Good reviews usually mean good service.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable loft clearance service in London, we’ve got you covered. At Eco Waste Clearance, we believe in transparent pricing and making sure our customers are happy. Get in touch today for a free quote and let us help you clear out your loft without breaking the bank.