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Can You Burn Garden Waste in London?

In London, burning garden waste at home is legally allowed, but there are strict guidelines and local regulations that you need to follow to ensure you do not cause a nuisance or harm to others. Here’s a straightforward summary:

Permitted Burning

You are allowed to burn garden waste such as leaves, branches, and plant tissue on your property. It’s essential to ensure this waste is untreated and has originated from your property.

Avoiding Nuisance

Although legal, local councils strongly discourage burning garden waste due to the potential nuisance and health risks from the smoke, particularly to neighbors with respiratory conditions or heart issues.

Legal Consequences

If your bonfire causes a statutory nuisance—where smoke drifts and affects others—you could be subject to enforcement actions, including fines. For domestic properties, fines can reach up to £5,000, and for businesses, up to £20,000.

Environmental Considerations

Councils recommend more environmentally friendly alternatives such as composting or using local garden waste collection services to manage garden waste more sustainably.

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